Ball Pythons

We’ve collected some of the best quality ball pythons and morphs!!  Can’t wait to see what we’ll produce!!


Leopard Geckos

We bought Bolt cause he was so cute and found out how wonderful Leopard Geckos are!  Next thing we know people are asking if we’d consider breeding, and that’s how it started…

Bearded Dragons

Thor was our first but he was so great soon Athena joined the family… After that a few rescues joined the clan, and Leif.  Well, we’re going to have some gorgeous babies!

Why Exotic Menagerie?

What makes us different?  We’re not a big breeder, there are no racks of animals, no inventory numbers, our kids all have names, they’re handled, cuddled and very spoiled.

Our philosophy on life, animals and breeding is love and health come first.  Everything else will take care of itself.  These animals are not a way to make money, they are put of our family and we’re doing this to share our passion with other animal lovers!